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Default Privacy, teenagers, and openness

My head is still spinning, and I'm trying to process this.

Earlier tonight, the teenager sat down next to me and we talking in wordpad on my laptop:

Her:"you know what im getting tired of?"


Her:"Everyone at school, at least the people that have been over here and spent the night or something, asking if i've walked in on you and my stepdad having sex yet."

Me "WHAT?"

Her:"EVERYONE!! like, everyone, that comes over is like, wow she's flirting with him and crap like that and "there is so something between them"

Me:"Have you said anything to your mom about it?"

Her:"nope. but i did findout that you dont like hugging my stepdad and your always worried it will lead to sex...."

Which the last bit is a direct quote from a text message I sent him a couple weeks ago. She lost her phone, so she's been using mine and apparently snooping through texts.

There's never been an official relationship, so we've never told her anything, and there's nothing currently going on, so we could honestly say there's nothing going on, and just try to deny the apparently incredibly obvious tensions/chemistry, and pretend there's no history...but I'm thinking we need to talk with her, be honest, open, reassure her that she doesn't have to worry, and I don't know what to say.
(I've already told her mom and stepdad about what she told me, and her mom is the ultimate parental authority and decision-maker.)

Oh, and she's got her own little love triangle going on, she's got her long-distance boyfriend "Edward" and is still hanging out with her local ex-bf "Jacob", flirts with him non-stop, and has admitted to me and her mom that she hugged Jacob and got carried away and ended up kissing him. I keep making comments like "Why can't they share?" and her mom got her a Twilight t-shirt that says ""I can't change how I feel. Please don't make me choose"- Bella".
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