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Just a thought, as the biggest complaint seems to be lack of time, there is another poly...

Polyphasic sleeping. I experimented with it during university and it actually works really well, if you are strict about sticking to the schedule. What you do is take 20-30 minute naps every four hours during the day, rather than sleeping in one big chunk at night. You end up with about 5 or 6 extra hours of time.

It's very tricky, you have to be very strict about getting your naps when it's naptime, and you probably can't do it if you work 9-5, but it's great if you can make it work.

If anyone's interested, here's a good place to start looking for info:

Also, one to add to the list: Trying to get a date with someone who you know is interested in you but is just too damn busy with all her other partners! ARGH!
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