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Cool Forgot one!

First, @Mono:

Being polysaturated - feeling like everything we do in our social circle is hyphenated with "poly".
Dude, I would love to feel poly-saturated... I think it's all a matter of degree/dosage? If you lent me one of your poly events a month, maybe we'd both feel better.

And now, the one problem I forgot:

~ The whole 'closet' issue. I'm in the process of coming out to K's and my entire extended family so that we can have our wedding without worrying about shocking anyone when the bride starts dirty-dancing with her hair stylist... or her dress-maker... or the emcee... or the best man!

Seriously, though, it's rough figuring out how far out of the closet to get with whom. I just want to live my life without worrying that someone'll try to take the kids I don't have yet, or get one of us fired... Ugh. (Cheers to living in an urban, progressive patch of America and minimizing the risks!)
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