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Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
It is frustrating for me because I have no idea what the real issues are at this moment. I think I need to do some investigating or just shelve this and deal with it later.
This is understandable. Admitting to struggling with finding the real issue is a good step. Sometimes we can "investigate" or beat an issue to death and that in itself becomes a bigger problem, so sometimes shelving it for now can be helpful, especially when no answers are forthcoming at this time. It's very likely that there are no answers, because it's no longer a real issue based on other actions we have taken.

I believe I quit therapy too soon. Our marriage is healthy and strong, but I am a hot piping emotional mess.
So start up again. If I remember, you were on therapy overload and needed a break, now that things are in a different place, maybe it's time to start up again. New starting point and new/different issues. Do NOT forget to stop and take a look at all you have accomplished so far.
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