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Default Idealist Poly Blog Part 13- Response to Midnightsun's post about diversity

Originally Posted by midnightsun View Post
Ok, here's my two cents... I became open to the idea of poly because I have a multi-faceted personality to an extent that makes it unlikely (if even possible) for one person to fulfill all of those facets.
This made me think and, for me, it's also true !!!

I am a business owner and own real estate; I’m naturally administrative, so I’ve written a policies and procedures manual and oversee a staff. I sell about 1,500,000 of Home Furnishings per year. I am Creative and I design expensive elaborate custom window treatments from high end fabrics.

I have been a Retreat Facilitator for self awareness and personal growth workshops.

I have a Guru who lives in India. I have been there and plan taking another trip eventually. I am fluent in chanting many of the Sanskrit prayers and often enjoy singing and chanting into the microphone to lead the crowd which has been as many as several thousand people at one time.

I go on an 8 day Silent retreat every year wearing modest cotton clothing and taking long silent walks.

I go to an Island every year and participate in a 10 day Yoga and Juice Fast where we drink fresh juiced fruits and vegetables the entire time as a cleansing and perform 4 hours of yoga a day.

I enjoy attending Festivals and Fairs in shorts and sandals….and sitting on the ground drinking frozen adult beverages etc.

Living in the South, I enjoy boating and spending the day on a Party Barge with a group of people in our bathing suits, eating and drinking.

I like attending costume parties and will wear wigs, leather, lace, garters, and boots or stilettos and any type of erotic garb I can find.

During Mardi Gras, I enjoy wearing elaborate jeweled costumes and formal gowns and attending Balls and riding on floats throwing beads and stuffed animals etc.

I enjoy taking Erotic photography of myself and others using a tripod and camera with a timer.

I have been a Keyboard player and singer in classic rock band.

I love going to Night clubs- at least 2 to 3 times a month and especially enjoy dancing wildly to current hip hop dance tunes.

I have yet to find one person who is even mildly interested in even 50% of the things I enjoy since my interests are so varied.
The key to life is in being fully engaged and peacefully detached simultaneously and authentically in each moment.

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