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I'm new to the forum, hope I do this right.

As with overly simplistic answers, your own truth is in there somewhere to fill in the gaps with......

Here's what I have leaned so far.......and there is more profound stuff in my head but bare with me for the simplistic post first....

For the new to poly the fear of loss often seems in the top 3 fears. But think about it: If you trust them and basically they are by their nature faithful *already*, all you are gonna do is expand that.

I mean if they are a willy nilly fly here and fly there person, they are gonna be that, poly or not. If they are a stable person, they are gonna be that, poly or not.

Faith in the person, what you have had so far to back that up plus faith for the future is saying a whole lot. And by faith, I am grouping in stronger stuff like knowing, knowing yourself, communication, and much more.

Hope this is helpful to you.

Oh, and I would rather my lovers *love* and talk with me about it than not to love but use people, etc.

I was watching a movie, and one of the characters said that (about a 2 person marriage but it doesn't matter it works for all ) that marriage was work and that ya hafta just let go of the bullshit and work on it.

I thought that was as profound as it gets.

Best Wishes, Ari
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