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Well, commentary has dried up on my other thread, so I guess I'll come back here to update.

D&C have started couples counseling. I sent Ginger the morethantwo website link to send to David, since David asked for online info, and he has read bits of it to Carla.

Meanwhile, Ginger and Carla are going hiking alone in a state forest on Thursday. Plenty of room to canoodle there, if you ask me. Hopefully they will calm their jets as David gets up to speed. I think the main goal is just to talk.

Meanwhile Ginger is pretty worried about his surgery. He will go in tomorrow for a physical, and prostate surgery is planned for Monday, with release on Tuesday. He'll have to wear a catheter until Friday so will be laying low and not driving, he thinks. I hope his recovery is quick.

So... this tall dark and handsome guy on okc wants to meet me soon. He is mid 40s, poly, 91% match, and only lives in the next town over. He seems smart, is married and at least somewhat experienced in polyamory. We've been PMing for a couple weeks. He doesn't seem very verbose in typing but I get the feeling he will be more open face to face. So, I'm gonna give it a shot.

Also, I might meet our very own YouAreHere soon! Yay, a poly girl friend. Well, she's mono, but her bf is poly.

miss pixi has another date with Master on Sunday, not an overnight. Maybe I can meet next town guy that evening. Would be convenient.

Ginger will probably also see Carla at the drum circle on Saturday. I am not going. No. I PMed her and told her I felt violated by her and David reading my threads here, even though it wasn't really their fault, but Ginger's, for telling her about it in the first place.

I requested a 4way pow wow with them asap. I feel meeting them will give me more of a family feeling rather than a suspicious competitive feeling. I also friend requested David. So, we will if they respond, or how.

hehe I remember when I first messaged her, she asked me, "But what shall I do with my feelings?" Well, we all have feelings, dearie. Sometimes we control them, if we are adults.

Ginger is coming for a visit tonight.
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