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Finished the semester. 2 A's and 1 B. Not complaining. Less than 3 weeks until the move to Kodiak. SO MUCH TO DO.

Nothing significant has changed in the household (yet) but a lot of changes are coming fast.

My sister is moving in (little sister, she's 20), she's renting a room while she continues in college, our mom is moving to Missouri to take care of our grandparents.

Maca, me and Sour Pea are going to Kodiak for 7 months. Sweet Pea is staying here (part of the time) driving to Missouri with my mom (as her copilot), taking a two week trip to Brazil with my in-laws... busy kid.

Spicy Pea is probably getting her nephew (husband's sisters new baby), who was born Saturday-on meth. The state took custody of the baby Saturday afternoon, the paperwork is started for him to be turned over to Spicy. Not sure how long that will take.

Little P (her oldest son) is potty trained! YAY and he's coming to visit Grammy in Kodiak for a month later in the summer. SO EXCITING! He loves camping and riding the 4 wheelers with Papa, and we will be doing A LOT of that.

Coconut (the youngest son) took his first steps last week. The next day they came over and he walked to Grammy giggling the whole way across our living room! I'm going to miss him. When they went home, I bawled my eyes out realizing I won't see him for SO DAMN LONG. Sigh.

GG.. I don't know. I'm too tired to even think about it right now.

Friday I start my 3 day ABATE class for getting my motorcycle license. Excited about that.

Last Saturday, Sweet Pea had his first prom. He asked me to go as his date (so I did). He was so amazing. We had a blast! His best friend went along too. They have been taking ballroom dance classes together. They kept me on my toes all night! We did the cha-cha, the hustle and the salsa. It was so much more fun than when I went to prom in high school! LOL!
Awesome boys, so proud of them! (but I need to practice cause my whole body is sore!)
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