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Originally Posted by sheiksquall View Post
Also one quick comment. I don't believe in soul-mates. Period. I think that a great relationship can be formed and that some people will be better fitting together in a loving caring committed relationship than others but i do not believe in soul-mates. To say that one person is a perfect fit for another is a lie of the Monogamists.
Wow...that last statement is rather arrogant. This is exactly why the Monogamists tend to react so badly to the Non-Monogamists. If we want "them" to not judge "us" then we can't separate them by insulting what they believe in.

I think you will find some Monogamists on this site who are with poly's who would disagree with your narrow minded view. Heck I have been open for 10ish years and I disagree with the broad stroke you are trying to paint...
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