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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
I get your drift XYZ, but there are obviously reasons (physical/emotional) why you wouldn't be interested in sex.....could it be you just didn't have an attentive lover at that early age? Was it too painful? Was it not "knock your socks off rockin hot sex"? Some woman are not orgasmic. Are you one (forgive me for being too personal) who's never experienced an orgasm, never reached complete fulfillment...I hope I'm wrong.
LOL. Sorry hun. Wrong on all counts. My first lover was gentle, attentive, and I've been able to orgasm just fine since before I had intercourse and still do a fine job of it to this day. Quite simply put, other things-many other things-just were more important and interesting to me than sex. I only thought about sex during the "asexual" times if someone else brought it up. Asexuality, by definition, is not aversion to sex (though it can include that), but simply a lack of desire, need, or enjoyment of sex.

I am bipolar and I've seen a psychologist most of my teen/adult life. So I have had many a hormone level check and evaluation. Never anything wrong related to sex drive and even most of my meds didn't affect it.

If you don't have to have something "wrong" with you to be hetero, not homo, nor bi, nor sexually poly...why MUST there be something "wrong" for being asexual? Sometimes people just have better things to think about and do.
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