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Default In other, random news...

This has absolutely nothing to do with Poly, but my "stupid meter" is going off the charts and I need to just vent some steam...

I have a direct report who cut his finger on a light switch a couple weeks go. He, being a good do-bee, reported the "incident" to the nurse and subjected himself to reams of paperwork (sigh).

I come back from vacation to find that I now (as his supervisor) need to open an "incident report" and we have a meeting to determine the root cause.

I don't know if I should be amused or annoyed, but I'm leaning toward mind-boggled with a side of irritation. Seriously? Root cause was a light switch plate that needs to be replaced. Done. Dude got a band-aid and went about the rest of his day. Done.

Apparently, we're supposed to report things like slipping, even if you don't fall. So if I trip over invisible gremlins on the carpet (as I am wont to do from time to time), it's a reportable incident, even though there's no injury (except to my pride).

It's stuff like this that takes a once-meaningful policy and turns it into something people ignore because it's gone over the edge of hand-holding. The mind boggles.
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