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Well, he came over and we made up!

He apologized over and over again for telling them about my threads here. He sees that was a big mistake.

Then we talked over the recent developments, David's bright idea to have a 3some as a solution to his jealousy... and also his bi-curiosity. Ginger told me his first reaction to David's suggestion was that he felt like he was a piece of meat. He was even crying (in a manly, tears leaking but no sobbing way) on and off for the first hour or so of our conversation. He was all jumpy and upset. I just kinda sat back, listened, and let him vent. He's in a pickle.

Carla wants to have their next date, and wants sexy time, before Ginger's operation on the 12th, which will have him out of commission sexually for a few weeks. But the way David is struggling, and the obvious unreadiness of these newbies, has Ginger saying that date as a deadline is way too soon. He plans to let them know that today, I think.

Meanwhile during this talk, miss pixi was getting ready to go out to spend the night at her friend's place. He came to pick her up and Ginger got to meet her good friend for the first time, which was nice.

Then we were alone, and the brunt of the hard talks were out of the way and we had a great bonding night, all to ourselves. Rarely happens we are all alone in the house. We had several sessions of great make up sex, he added some steering fluid to my van (it's leaky), we cooked and ate dinner, listened to records, and ended up watching some Cosmos on our big TV.

Obviously the idea of Ginger not telling me much about this developing relationship is not working out. LOL. He needed to tell me a lot because he is so overwhelmed and stressed by the whole thing now. But I was glad we got that hard talk and the tears out of the way so we could then just concentrate on us, and doing the things we like to do for the rest of the evening.

I think we made some good progress and I almost feel these shenanigans are now bringing us closer together. I feel valued again. Also I feel a little pleasant tinge of "I told you so," heh.
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