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A good friend of mine has cancer and needs to have a mastectomy. There is no other way. Chemo is not an option because it is in the calcifications in over half of her breast, so there is no one single tumor to zap with chemo. During a mammogram, they also discovered an aneurism on her aorta, which is the same thing that killed John Ritter. So, they were going to schedule cardiac surgery first, and then the mastectomy afterward.

After a more detailed MRI, they saw that the aorta is not as enlarged as they thought at first, so the cardiac surgery can wait a few more years. Now she feels like a ticking time bomb! Anyway, they just scheduled her mastectomy and she asked me to pick her up from the hospital and take her home, but it is on a day I'm scheduled to work. My boss graciously switched shifts with me, so I could help my friend who has been there for me in some really rough times. Really grateful that I could tell her I will be there for her, but I don't like thinking about what she has on her plate right now.

Then my husband asked me for a pretty big favor and I complied. I really didn't see why I shouldn't have helped him out, but I hope he appreciates it. Our court date for the last bit of paperwork on the divorce got moved to the end of May. So,there's a lot going on, but all in all, I've been in a pretty good frame of mind.
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