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Default some other stuff.

Z said in a text recently that he hoped honestly for "no more pretending needed between us, ever."

He thinks he's witnessed me "pretending" feelings for him, whether occasionally or this whole time.


So now... I'm pretending that I don't want to talk to him as much as we used to, and that it's natural not to call him by the "pet" or nicknames we found for each other.

Just weirdness... =/ I hope someday we'll see this stuff eye to eye.

Don't know if I should try writing him a long letter or not. Feel like I might oughta wait a while. Don't want to drop the ball on something that needs to be done to preserve a friendship, but I don't know if he's just pissed with me in general right now and in a mindset to where it'd only be adding fuel to a fire if I tried to say more, explain further, whatever.
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