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Odd day today...

Chops and I had a great time last night at my boss's dinner party last night. I think his wife talked with him about automatically refilling everyone's glasses, and I actually remembered my meal this year. Hooray for small victories.

This morning, we slept in, had coffee out on the back deck, and then watched the clouds and wind roll in. Since he rode the motorcycle up, that was his cue to leave (boo). Noodled around a bit until my daughter's soccer game (where we got sun, rain, wind, cold - the whole gamut!), and then went back home.

I'm not used to having a weekend day alone - I usually have the girls on weekends, but their dad and I split the weekends on their school vacation weeks. After a whirlwind week, a day of having nobody around felt strange. I wasn't motivated to do anything (even though I have plenty to do), and actually took a nap for a bit.

Decided I was through feeling sorry for myself (or just blah), realized I need to save my pennies for household stuff (so no going out shopping), so I went out to do some yardwork. There's something about totally losing myself in yardwork that is SUCH a catharsis. In a few hours, I got some old leaves and junk raked up and removed, moved some day lilies from a bad spot into a better one (for me, anyway - maybe not for the lilies), and laid down some grass seed. There's something fulfilling about being covered in dirt and seeing results of something you did.

So I'm feeling a bit better about being alone at the moment. Hanging out on the deck with a beer and the laptop before I go find something else to do. It'd be nice to have a fire tonight, but it's way too windy, unfortunately. Setting the yard on fire isn't how I want to end the night.

Ah well... Back to work tomorrow after a week off, and I'm kind of looking forward to that. Time to get back into the swing of things.

Oh, and the lilacs are budding. Yay! Hopefully, the hydrangea blooms this year.
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