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Hi there guys! I'm very busy lately but just thought I'd share the vid I told you about re: the tv show I watched about that poly relationship. Here it is:

(Watch in 720p! Also, don't pay too much attention on the video itself and the gross lights lol, I know I'm not a very good vidder). I put English subtitles for the few lines they say.

So this is basically the relationship dynamics I was talking about; two guys falling in love with a woman, then the woman decides that she won't choose one or the other but both and after a lot of doubts and stuff they finally get together. The two guys have sex with the woman but not with each other (although it's true that on the show's forums many people think they shared more than an on-screen kiss, but I'm sceptical about that), but their relationship is so much more than sex, the three are friends and that's the most important thing, especially with regards to the two guys as they were already best friends during the previous season before they got in this relationship and the show put a lot of emphasis on their relationship.

At some point they went to live together and had to prove to other people that they were serious about this relationship and that it could work (it finally doesn't though). I just find this relationship really interesting and I hope someday I'll finish writing a similar story haha, although mine would have the two guys be strictly non-sexual as I think the show went a bit too far with their "friendship", well it actually went too far with nearly all the friendships of the show LOL and that's one aspect I don't like about the show, because it's like it doesn't matter the characters' gender or sexuality or relationship with each other, everyone must be in love with each other, and I just wonder why can't two people be just friends. At some point even one female character and her gay male best friend got together XD.
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