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Thanks, Ry. I think we cleared the air and learned something about ourselves, the 3 of us. I must have had certain expectations about getting a house with miss pixi and moving nearer to Ginger.

Things are in such a state of flux right now. The best part is my back seems to be really recovering after over 2 months of daily pain I needed to manage with pharma meds. I feel like a fucking drug addict but I think things are changing after 2 osteopathic adjustments and much yoga. t

I am on tramadols and taking ibuprofen too. At least now when I take them, I am completely pain free. Before this, the meds would still leave me with some unbearable pain, which I would manage to numb in the evening with a few drinks. I am normally not that heavy of a drinker. And then I'd still need to lay flat on a heating pad to watch TV. Now, I am drinking less and don't seem to need a heating pad!

I got out and did yard work yesterday! I mowed the front lawn. miss p pulled the cord on the mower for me, which, amazingly, after a winter in the shed, started on the first try. So, I mowed, then I seeded some bare areas due to dog pee, then I pushed the spreader all over the lawn to feed it fertilizer. I also did just a wee bit of work on a couple of the flower beds. I love to garden so much, and I was thrilled my back seemed to be OK with it.

On the not so good side of the day, miss p was down in the dumps and barely moved off the couch, she just played video games for hours. I don't know if her hormones are out of whack or she's just tired out from all the stress around Ginger and Carla, or what.

After I did all the yard work and showered, I wanted to go get groceries. Not only was her coming to the store with me out of the question (usually we like sharing this) she took no interest in planning dinner or a shopping list! So unlike her, she adores cooking.

So, besides the yard work, it was up to me to shop and take full responsibility for food.

I know she was bummed because her new bf/Master is sick, either a bad cold or bad allergies. He is sick in bed, so no overnight date for them this weekend. But he messaged her just as I was about to put dinner on the table, and so... she ate dinner while chatting with him. And she got all smiley and rosy and told me some things about him and her after she got done, that made me feel lack of compersion for the first time. I guess because she'd been so down all day, when I had thought she was going to help me garden, and instead, she cracked her first smile when talking to her new bf. sigh....

After we ate, I was just pissed off at our day and went to bed early.
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