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Invisalign has been both positive and negative for me so far. The fears that I had due to online reading have completely disappeared - I only had 7 teeth with "buttons" on them - all on the bottom. The top aligner comes off easily because of this, and the bottom one isn't impossible. I haven't had much pain for the adjusting; most of what I feel is pressure, and once in a while I have to take a couple of Advil. The worst part is that the back edges of the aligners are NOT smooth and they cut my gums and tongue terribly. I try not to run my tongue along them, but it's impossible. I bought dental wax and that has helped tremendously. I tried filing them with an emery board but it didn't help much. So everyone, buy stock in dental wax, because I am going to go through a lot of it, I think!

Oh, and an update - PunkRockAwesomesauce said if anything, my blow jobs have even more saliva involved, and that is a good thing! LMAO I am still really nervous about them but so far, so good, I guess!

Thanks, Alberta Raven! I hope my blog is positive - my life is pretty positive, overall.

PunkRock did a wonderful thing for me yesterday - he worked all day and don't get home until after 3 in the morning. He had messaged me earlier in the evening to tell me that he might not come home at all - he was working closer to his brother's house and it honestly made more sense for him not to drive all the way back here after working so hard all day. I told him the thought made me feel anxious, and so he came home. I was REALLY surprised by this. I had thought the conversation was over - I hadn't thought to tell him anything else - I was just letting him know my initial reaction. I would NOT have asked him to drive back to me at 3! Actually, him doing that made me feel anxious too! Still, his willingness to do so just on the thought that I was missing him was amazing.
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