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Originally Posted by ak2381 View Post
How do the monos handle the quiet nights? Poly's how do your partners deal with it.
I have seen variations of this question come up often on poly sites. Quick question(s) - What did you do when you were single? Go out with friends, play pool, go to a poetry reading, art...maybe some adult language classes? The lists are endless. (I could keep guessing but I have no idea what you like for hobbies)

It might be a good idea to have a calendar so you can see when dates happen and then make plans to go out yourself. I am not saying to stop being mono, but bring back some of that social side that may be forgotten.

Seeing as both my wife an I are open, I can't relate directly as we are usually out together, but I am far more the social animal than she is. She has had to relearn the social side since she relied on me for all of her social behaviour, something I found both suffocating and too dependant on her part. It was hurting both of us.
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