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Thanks, Ry. I will admit that I *would* like to get back to EPCOT for the food and wine festival, but sans kiddos. I have a friend who's a big foodie, and he likes to go fairly regularly. I should try to hop a flight with him and check it out.

We actually skipped the world pavilions this time around, because the kids just aren't into it (while mom enjoys trying the different beers from around the world, oddly enough, it doesn't capture the kids' attention quite in the same way ). We stayed in the front half of the park, and getting from hither to yon is an enormous pain in the ass, because even though it looks like you should be able to get directly from point A to point B, there's usually a building or somesuch in the way, with no thru access. GREAT design for a "Community of Tomorrow".

Kudos to you for getting through the panel, BTW. Haven't replied to your blog yet, but wanted you to know I'm reading.
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