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Default Resting after my vacation...

In a change from the usual types of events I post about here, this week was spent in Florida, taking the kids to Disney and Universal Studios. The last two days have been spent recovering from my vacation.

The vacation mostly went well... the first day, the oldest child left her phone in the rest room, forgot about it, told me about 20 min. later, and by the time we went back, it was (of course) gone. Couldn't call it (it had been turned off), so I assumed it was stolen. "Guest Services" didn't receive it (all week), so I figure my guess was right. She was upset ALL day, and I was hoping it wouldn't impact her entire trip.

Nothing like seeing your picture after getting off Space Mountain, and she's sitting in the back, making a face, with her arms crossed. At least she got a laugh out of that.

Anyway, Day Two saw us meeting up with her friend and her family, which helped things a LOT, and got the vacation back into "vacation" mode. After that, there was only one meltdown between the two of us (she's 13 - I consider one meltdown a success, overall), and things went well.

  • I'm still not the biggest fan of Disney Parks. Magic Kingdom is dated, and while some of the rides are good, Magic Kingdom and EPCOT are horribly paced.
  • Animal Kingdom, however, is my favorite Disney Park, hands down. They figured things out with this one. It's also nice and shady, to boot!
  • Universal Studios ROCKS! Their parks are nicely paced and themed, and their rides are great.
  • The Small One, however, was a half-inch too short for the big coasters at Islands of Adventure. Dammit.
  • Getting rescued from a roller coaster was the high point (literally!) of the trip. LOL.

Yes, we got rescued from a roller coaster and had to walk down (we were stopped at a "braking" area, and there were stairs next to it, so it wasn't as scary as one would think... except, I really REALLY hate those stairs you can see through). I can now check that off my bucket list.

Two thunderstorms, a few lost items (none as major as the phone), and some late and delayed flights, but overall a good trip.

Spent some time with Chops the day after we got back, and since the girls are with their dad this weekend, we have some weekend time to ourselves today & early tomorrow - something that's a bit of a rarity. Got a dinner party tonight with a boss/coworker, and he's a mean pour, so Chops is bringing a pretzel necklace as a joke, and we're hoping to stay upright (Chops had a hard time walking last year, after said party).

Coming down off the vacation high, and things feel pretty good. I missed Chops while we were gone, but we were so damned busy, I didn't have time to feel much of anything other than WHEEEEEE! Chops missed me as well, and the reconnect time felt wonderful.

Now I get to eat ramen noodles for the next six months, in order to recover from this trip.

Time to grocery shop, and get myself outside... it's a beautiful day today.
Have a great day, all!
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