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Sounds like maybe you feel a bit of a bait-and-switch with respect to the living arrangements? That Ginger's input didn't lead to a situation you feel he's as vested in as you and Miss Pixi are?

Nice "you can't kid a kidder" moment, BTW. Is he not admitting his sex drive to himself, or just to other people?

As for getting together, I'll PM you - I live about a half-hour east of Nashua, but I'm not unfamiliar with the Rt. 9 area. I've got some friends in Westborough I see every so often, and Chops and I used to meet up in Marlborough/Worcester from time to time, before the living arrangements settled out.

I'm glad you got the opportunity to talk - how does it feel now, after having time to settle and digest (or is this where your blog comes in)? I know that when I detach from Chops, it means something's wrong and I'm trying to protect myself, which I *don't* want to do. Protecting myself by distancing myself only hurts my relationship with him, and makes it harder to reconnect, but boy is it easy to do when you're hurting and you just want to take your hand off the stove for a little while.
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