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It sounds to me like the biggest hindrance-based on BOTH your posts AND KT's posts is that you two are TOTALLY different types of people.

Ironically that is the BIGGEST issue that has ever arisen (more than once) between Maca and GG. They are SO completely different that they simply DO NOT understand each other. EVEN if it SOUNDS like they are speaking the same language-they aren't. They have different concepts of what the meaning is behind what they say and they CAN NOT correctly figure out the other person's goal, purpose, driving motivation etc. EVER.

Here is that word again, communication. You need to figure out how the two of you can communicate together. Figuring that out will help a lot of the tension.

If you put two animals and yoke them to the front of a wagon, one pulls left and one pulls right, the wagon is NOT going to accomplish ANYTHING productive. You want to make progress into a "happy, content" life-then you guys need to get on the same road-whatever that road may be.
I just got a really odd visual of the V being split apart, and in this case being a guy, sheer pain...amazing how the mind can connect dots.
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