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Do they answer "I don't know, I've never cheated/been cheated on?" with a big smirk?
SC- LOL! I've actually been giving the polite response where I pretend she's just curious and rude by accident, rather than acting like she's getting to us. She hasn't spoken to me in months, so my evil plan to bore her into being nicer must be working!

Back on topic:

Best response to this, "Oh? And how many times have you tried it and had it fail?" Then you will either learn some "deep, dark secret" of theirs, or they'll just say, "I'd never do that!" or some such. Which also has a simple reply, "Well don't knock it 'til you've tried it." and just keep on going remembering that some people will keep on saying that something is not possible while we are in the middle of doing it. (isn't that someone's siggy quote on here?)
Vandalin, your reply is awesome -- and someone definitely does have that signature. (There's also a Shel Silverstein sig on how anything's possible floating here too; is it Rarechild's, maybe? What an awesome community we are...)
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