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I got a Facebook message out of the blue from Greg last night. (He's a large black man I dated in January. I broke things off with him when PunkRockAwesomesauce and I started dating.) Anyway, he sent me a link to a homeschooling infographic and a couple of brief snippets, saying he hoped I was well and happy. I thanked him for the link and told him all was fine.

Exchanges like this make me feel sad. Just like when B messaged me a while back, it hurts a bit. Greg was - is- a great guy - we had a lot in common, he was charming and interesting and we meshed well with what we were looking for. So it makes me feel bad that he is still keeping tabs to see if I pop up available again. Honestly, he never was a long-term viable partner for me, because we weren't compatible sexually. His penis was too big. That may sound ridiculous, but it's the truth. Unlike B though, I feel like I could be just friends with him and hang out, because of all of the common likes we share. That said, I have no time see about growing that friend relationship. Plus, he isn't exactly located nearby. So, sadness regarding that connection.

PunkRock's cat is here! She spent most of the night under my bed.

Today is my 3rd Monthiversary with PunkRock. We were talking this morning, and that number seems ridiculous. It seems like we have been together much longer. In many ways, our relationship feels like the one I have with DarkKnight - there's no point in counting because it's eventually going to add to infinity. Everything is smooth, everything is absolutely wonderful.

The differences between where I was with M at 3 months and where I am with PunkRock are legion.

Oh! I am getting Invisalign braces put on today. I am very nervous about the process. My teeth are terrible, so I am excited about finally having them look better cosmetically, but I don't do well with pain. I am also feeling dread about how they might change my relationship with both DarkKnight and PunkRock. What if they think I look ridiculous, or sound different? Maybe I'll kiss weird. Will my ability to give blow jobs suffer? This is the shit I worry about.
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