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Ah... I was under the impression that both men had said they weren't willing to talk with you about the situation. I'm glad to hear I misinterpreted what you were saying.

I'll agree to disagree with you about happiness being a compromise. I don't believe anyone's happiness should ever be something they have to give up or put aside as long as they aren't hurting others to gain it, but I realize not everyone feels that way.

People don't *have to* do anything in a poly situation, but sorting out *your* rules, comfort zone, etc. goes a whole lot easier if you're able to talk about it with the other people involved. Communication isn't a rule so much as a component of making a relationship work, and that applies whether it's a mono or poly relationship, in my opinion.

Short answer: You aren't crazy. Poly is more common than some people realize. But whether your *particular* situation can work is something only you and the other people involved can determine.
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