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Thank you again for everyone's advice. I decided that I had better tell him today while I still had a bit of courage left from telling him about how I felt about the sexual relationship.

I wanted to make telling my husband of my pregnancy more private - tell him first, then tell M and T tomorrow. However, it didn't go as planned. I pulled him aside while M and T were having a date so to speak (All of us will have romantic times (dates, seeing movies, etc.) with just one of the others on occasion) and I did one of those cute pregnancy announcement things by giving him a little stuffed animal and I said it was for the baby. Of course, he was a bit confused because I should give it right to M, but when I said it was for ours (I'm sure it's his, as I've only had full on 'sex' with T a handful of times and the last time was before even M got pregnant). He was very happy and it was very sweet like all of the movies make it out to be until M and T came home. The second they got in the door, he told them and while they were quite happy too, they sat me down and immediately started a lecture about me no longer taking my medication, getting me on prenatal vitamins and medications that will help me gain weight, how I needed to figure out time off work, etc. It got worse when they asked how far along I was and when I said nearly twelve weeks, they kept asking how long I had known and I finally admitted and... well, I put myself into this hole, so I can't blame anyone but myself. They got so upset and hurt that I didn't say anything and they insisted that everything was going to be fine...

But this can't all be fine! My husband keeps researching all of these things like 'depression during pregnancy' and 'what to do if you have an eating disorder while pregnant' and looking up how much weight I need to gain. I just told him I was pregnant a few hours ago! He's already looking up all of these doctors and saying I should go to M's because apparently she's amazing and that I need to gain around fifty pounds based on my height and current weight!? That can't be right!! M is already showing me all of her old maternity clothes that I could borrow and got mad when I said maternity clothes weren't an issue. Sweats are fine, their comfortable, why spend money are maternity? T keeps asking how I'm feeling and is already making dinner and trying to get as many carbs into the damn meal as he can... God, I don't know what to do. I'm panicking because, yes, I want this baby so much, but everything is in a whirlwind in only one day...
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