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Originally Posted by northhome View Post
I think, for many people, accepting that they are engaged in a harmful activity when cheating is often the first step towards them choosing better options.
I agree with you very much. I think people can get caught up in the feelings of love and desire to be with another person and then it's easy to forget about how harmful cheating can be for their love's unknowing partner.

That is why I think it's important to point the harm out and challenge the notion of a bit of secrecy being fun so long as you don't get caught.

It can be difficult to re-evaluate ones behaviour though, and it takes a good deal of courage to be open and honest about this process - especially in this forum!
I think this forum is pretty lovely. On the whole people are kind and generous with their time and advice. There are a folks with a wide variety of approaches to relationships who willingly share what they've experienced and what their views are. Many people who write here are direct in their communication - I don't see that as a problem.

I don't have a poly relationship and have no intention of being actively poly myself or having a poly partner. I've been very open about my progression towards that decision and my reasons for it. Nobody has been horrible to me about it - even though most of the people writing here have poly in their lives in one form or another.

I guess I just don't see this forum as an intimidating place.
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