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Reading your last post, my first piece of advice is that it is IMPERATIVE for you to make sure you have the physical, mental, and emotional support you need for this pregnancy. Both professional support and support from the people in your life.

You say you eat but then throw it up... is this morning sickness or something you're doing intentionally? (And I'm sorry for asking that...)

You know that your body now not only needs to nourish you, but the baby as well. If you aren't able to eat for whatever reason, in my opinion, it's important for you to get medical help to ensure you and the baby are getting sufficient nutrition.

I can't tell whether you're afraid your eating disorder and mental health issues are going to cause problems with your husband if you tell him about the pregnancy, or what impact you feel those may be having on your current situation. I can say, from my own experience, that depression and anxiety can vastly magnify fear and can project those fears onto other people, causing you (e.g. the person with the depression and anxiety, not necessarily *you* personally) to expect the most negative reaction possible. But I've also found through personal experience that once you suck it up and actually speak, the reactions of others are not as bad as you fear.

I have no clue what "belly worship" is, but why would your hubby and the other guy treat you any different from M? You're both pregnant. You're both bringing new life into the world. You are both important and deserve to have your pregnancies celebrated. And you deserve to feel heard and loved, and I'm kinda getting the sense that you aren't feeling that right now.
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