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First I want to apologize for dragging you all into our drama. The way MG sees things is different than how I see things. We are two completely different women who see things from their point of view. I only know what I see and hear. My posts were based on the information I had. It was not purposely skewed or meant to be half-truths. The "barrage" of texts was actually one text that her phone broke down into several. Here is what it said:

"I am not going to go back and forth with you on the forums - especially since you aren't being honest about who you are on there. I find it deceitful and everyone on there has been nothing more than open, honest and supportive. You and I can talk but I stand by what I have said in the past. I don't want you to meet our friends and family. He can meet yours if that is something you and [her husband] agree on. I want to be friends - I think it's important. But right now you are demanding things that you have no right to force or demand. This is MY life too and I have a say in what goes on in it. This is something that ONLY [my husband] and I can make a decision on and we will do it together. We'll talk later."

This text was sent after she made a post on my thread. The intent was not to be nasty - but to be blunt - which is something she prefers. I did not want to debate with her at all on this site. I came here the night her and my husband had an overnight date. Reading all of your stories, comments and suggestions truly helped me get through the night. Thank you! I was relieved to have finally found a place where people understood what I was feeling. I took great comfort in that. Over a week later - she came on here at the suggestion of my husband and I. He had hoped she could learn somethings about this lifestyle - but told her not to post on my threads. I had hoped that she would be able to gain a little more understanding of what I was thinking and feeling. I have been nothing but open and honest on here. How she and I view things are going to be different because we are on different sides of the issue and want different things in the long run. I never painted her as a husband stealing woman. I simply described the situation as I experienced it. She loves my husband and he loves her - even typing that makes me start to cry. This is my reality. It hurts, deeply, but I love him with all I am and despite comments to the contrary - I am doing everything I can to accept this and I have tried many times to be her friend. It's hard, it sucks and yes, sometimes I get pissed off that this is how my marriage has turned out. But he is my life and I will do whatever I need to to become 100% accepting of her. It's a process - a very difficult, emotion filled process. Call me insecure or selfish - but my heart is having a hard time opening up and letting part of him go. But - I am trying.

This will be my last post. You are all amazingly open, honest, strong individuals and regardless of how this has turned out -I have learned alot from you. This is no longer a place I can come to to seek advice, support or just to vent. My words have and will be used against me and it just makes the situation worse. I may lurk here and there so feel free to PM or email me at

Thank you again for everything - you guys have helped me more than you know.

MG - we'll talk soon. I am going to be out of touch for a few days - I need to take a break from this. My heart is hurting too much right now.

ak - I'll be in touch through PM. Hope things are going well for you!


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