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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Get used to which behavior?
  • Used to him dating Carla in general?
  • Or him not respecting your limit that you don't want to hear about Carla? At all? Not just post sex but AT ALL? And he keeps on talking?
Getting used to him dating Carla, or anyone else. Not the talking about it. I'd rather the dating itself wasn't happening. But that is the price of admission for dating an active poly guy, who wants a seemingly unlimited amount of partners.

... the simplest path to me is what "he" can do in his own behavior: Stop talking to Mag about Carla.
No, I appreciate you trying to wade through this swamp of emotions and behaviors with me, but it's not the amount of talking about. Talk too much, I get disgusted. Tell me too little and expect me to ask for no more detail (like last night), I feel disconnected!

Well, one good thing. All last week I was complaining I didn't feel "special" enough in the midst of all these other women. He had said he didn't "do special." (Although he finally admitted I was "important" to him.)But this morning in chat he did say:

There have been a very few times in my life when I have gotten to know someone and they just seemed to click with me in a special way. R was the first. You were the second. [Carla may be the third.]
Ha! He said special.
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