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A bit more stable today. Hubby knows we're not going to be "normal" until he's had a few dates during which he respects my boundaries. If this constant boundary breaking continues, we can't be poly and together. Rather he can't be open to additional relationships and with me. He will have to choose, and right now I know beyond a doubt he will choose to go back to only being sexually open to stay with me, which completely sucks for Lady and would lead to heartbreak and craziness all around. So, I hope for all of our sakes that he can get it together.

Boy got bad news today, so we were both cranky. Barely talked, and I don't really see that changing this week. See if we get back in a rhythm next week when we're feeling a bit calmer about the negatives in our lives. Doesn't help that we're both struggling with very different things at the moment so neither of us is really in a place to be overly supportive or available to just listen. Fuck.
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