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Default I've created a monster

It has only been about 8 weeks and I'm over this poly life.

I think it was started off very wrong, basically it was my fantasy/want bringing a chic in our relationship for sexually reasons. We were actively looking. Messed up thing was that he met her without me and slept with her that same night then told me the next evening. He was dishonest and I felt betrayed. Anyway the next week we met, her and I. After meeting her and we all slept together I felt like it could be a relationship. The problem for me was the adjustments due to his extreme NRE but there was concerns about her too, she's still not on birth control and they have unprotected sex.
Anyway, fast forward to now.... My jealousy is extreme, I've been trying but I really don't want to share my man anymore. We figured this is a fantasy/fetish that became reality but now I can't deal. My man broke down about everything and acted at the moment by saying it's too much and he wanted out. I listened and realized I did too but the problem is he has changed his mind he still wants her but I don't.
The 3 of us met and talked about it, they tried to convince me I'm acting out on something that happened. They think I really should think and try to make it work. How to make something work when your over it? I decided he can still see her but on a different level, I feel he's already taking advantage of the situation.
I want the 2 of us again. We don't need to have a 3rd person.
Can someone help with opinions on this? I need my old life back, I'm tired of the madness!!!!!
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