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Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
I'm quite saddened by the number of people on this thread who talk about the fun of being their lover's secret lover. Also by the justification that it's an okay thing to do because even if the affair is found out, the pain caused to the unknowing partner of the lover will probably be a growth experience for them.

Yours is the 18th post in this thread and the majority of people are AGAINST being the secret lover:

#1 = the OP
#2 = Inyourendo = No
#3 = icesong = No
#4 = ME = No
#5 = sweetersong = no if men, yes if women = maybe
#6 = the OP
#7 = Norwegianpoly = did it before, wouldn't do it again = No
#8 = KC43 = ok to be secret from ex, otherwise = No
#9 = PolyinPractice = n/a
#10 = Kernow = No
#11 = KC43 (again) = n/a
#12 = BDaemon = did it/backed off = maybe
#13 = nycindie = did it, not worth it = No
#14 = Kernow (again) = n/a
#15 = BDaemon (again) = n/a
#16 = nycindie (again) = still No, and n/a
#17 = Inyourendo (again) = n/a

So of the 10 responders in this thread we have 7 NO's and 2 maybe's and 1 no vote. Of those 10, 3 have been secret lovers and 2 of those wouldn't do it again. ONE person admitted that it was "a bit fun"...I hardly think that translates to a "number of people"...
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