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The reason Hubby and I got engaged when we did was because I complained that when he called me his girlfriend I felt like I was only a temporary part of his life. So he proposed and said, "There, now you can call me your fiance."

I call Guy my boyfriend when I'm talking to people who know the situation, but I don't really like calling him that. We just haven't been able to come up with another term. As stated in my signature, he prefers to avoid labels, but I need a term for him because that's how I am. When I'm talking to people I'm not "out" to, I just call him my friend.

And he and hubby call each other "Bro-hub."
Me: 45, female, poly
Hubby: my husband, male, 43, monogamous
My offspring: Alt, 20, agender; Country, 17, female
Woody: 50, male, boyfriend/Dom
Bouncer: 48, male, FWB
Best Friend, Techie, Flip, Guy: all male, my close friends
Hair: 20, male, Woody's son
Doll and Mouse: female, ages unknown, my friends, Woody & Hair's housemates
Highlight and Lips: 32 & 33, female & male, Woody's OSO & her husband
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