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Question V heading for the future

We are an international V of 7 months; I am the hinge. I live most of the time with my husband and have been visiting my boyfriend every 1-2 months for a couple of days. Now my boys just met for the first time. And I will spend a week every month with my boyfriend and live with him. All the changes are a lot for us. To my boyfriend, I am his first serious relationship, he uses big words to describe our relationship and he looks forward to us finding a flat together. At the same time, the seriousness scares him, especially the fact that we are not open to all his family yet (nor mine and my husband's) and what would they say if they knew? Certainly, choosing me over for instance his mother would be hard of him.

Of course, being poly is not usual in my country. In his, it hardly makes any sense. I see all of this. Still, I worry because he seem stressed and I am sometimes hurt because he does not believe fully in us.

Any suggestions on how I can go about to take good care of all of us?
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