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Good to hear from you, MeeraReed. I've missed your voice on this board.

After much thought, consideration, research, talking to friends and reading of people's stories on this board I eventually came to realise that for now at least, I would consider non-monogamy only if I was not in a serious romantic relationship.

My feeling is that too often non-monogamy isn't terribly ethical when it's being practised by couples. People knowing about what is going on and agreeing isn't sufficient to make something ethical, IMO. (I know that there are lovely examples where it all goes well and everybody is treated well but I think those are not all that common).

Behaving ethically and kindly toward people in my life is important to me which means that I'd rather limit the number of romantic relationships I have than risk getting into some of the situations that I read about here, hear about from friends and read about in other books.

I don't see the same sorts of issues with single people being non-monogamous and it is something that would interest me if my circumstances were to change.

Anyway - long winded way of saying. Good to see ya again.
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