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Thanks again, everyone, for your words of wisdom. Too many good points to try and quote them here.

Ginger and I took yesterday afternoon and evening off from chatting online or meeting. Miss p was in Boston with her Master, so I had a window of perfect alone time. I was kinda depressed, but it was calm and I took care of myself.

He came by today for a few hours and it was all quite nice and loving. We didn't talk of the Issue at all. Just kind of loved each other up and did some gardening together, as far as our bad backs let us. Miss p came home too and we had lunch together.

I am going to go with the plan of getting out of the hurricane of his dating, just kinda side step it and let us enjoy each other's company. The truth is, his dating does not cut into our time. Normally we see each other every other day for several hours, and have overnights a couple times a month. He doesnt text others when we are together. He hates texting, says his fingers are too big. He brings his laptop when he comes overnight, but doesnt chat anyone on it, just uses it to check FB in the morning because he usually wakes before I do.

So, i am feeling much better, with a game plan, and more understanding of the whole complicated situation. What a great support group!
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