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It would be nice to hear how things are today for you people. Do you still think the same, what has changed, why?

I'm looking forward to developing several lover-friend relationships. There are at least three people I'm interested in in this way. What I worry is that I'll be swept by emotions and end up wanting more than I can have.

All these people are married and have children, so they definitely have a life of their own and I would be a small part of that life, hopefully a part anyway. But how do I keep my emotions in check? I have done this before, but then I was mostly closed off to other people about everything. Now I try to be open and honest, especially to myself, so I'm not sure if I could do this anymore. I don't want to risk losing the friendships, but I'd like to explore the possibilities these people are open to. And two of these people have clearly expressed they are pretty open
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