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I just feel uncomfortable with this huge whoosh of his energy out to them, a new one every couple months, not to mention all the other okc profiles he scans and tells me about. I just have to get used to it somehow! I need coping skills.
He is sad I don't want all the details of the ins and outs of his relationships anymore. He likes having someone to retell the story of a date or flirty chat to, and I was that person, til now.
I think it is less "hypocrisy" and more "how much load can you deal with" at any one particular time.

People's energy level is allowed to changed/flux. You have had so many things happening in the last year -- not all poly-related, but even the house problems can be an energy drain too!

If not hearing the detailed play-by-play right now helps your stress level chill so your energy can improve? Go with it.

Hang in there!


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