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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
"Constant dating?"

Do you honestly see that as "constant dating?"
Yes. I was grateful for a 2 month break. Even though he didnt see those 2 women more than a handful of times, he was IMing, Skpying and all that, daily. Of course, I had the flu for 6 weeks, along with the flood and tiresome renovations, and put my back out from that, really bad. Meanwhile he's got the prostate issues and kidney pain from that... old people aches and pains, making us both grumpy.

Surely what someone else said upthread is true, in fact we've discussed it. He's not getting any younger so might as well be open to as many suitable women as possible while he can!

I just feel uncomfortable with this huge whoosh of his energy out to them, a new one every couple months, not to mention all the other okc profiles he scans and tells me about. I just have to get used to it somehow! I need coping skills. So I thought I'd come here to get some perspective.

FTR, I think Buddhist was juggling 5 men around the time she met Ginger... and she broke up with him because he was trying to get too serious, so I guess she was more polysexual than he is or I am. I dont think promiscuity is bad, per se.

I guess I am a big old hypocrite. He can date whoever he wants. I just didnt expect him to. It all changed over the past year. Takes some getting used to. He is sad I don't want all the details of the ins and outs of his relationships anymore. He likes having someone to retell the story of a date or flirty chat to, and I was that person, til now.
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