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Well, for one thing, I am probably triggered back to the memory of when my ex h and I opened our marriage and he and our unicorn fell for each other....

I've had 33 years of mono life, preceded by mono programming from our culture, so needing/desiring 4 or 5 partners just seems excessive and greedy to me, I guess.

I only want 2 partners. 3 partners seems OK. I just can't relate to this need for more and more. I guess it's a hobby for him. I feel like he is stretched too thin with a 4th or 5th woman.

I guess when I first met him he got the idea I was like him, and would remain a power dater (tho he doesn't like that term). But I had had my fun from 2009-2012, sowed plenty of wild oats, and figured I could feel plenty of satisfaction in the poly, queer and kinky department with just him and miss p.

And I didn't expect this dating pattern! Before me he had one mono gf for a year. Before her, a couple women he saw on and off, kind of casually, for like 5 years.

Next thing is, I guess you could call him an alpha male, even though he is gender queer, mild mannered and kind of dorky sometimes. My ex h was low self esteem beta type. So, I was drawn to the opposite, which is more of a challenge, but something I was seeking. I just didn't expect it to be this hard. I didn't expect to be dating Hugh Hefner.

Mick Jagger's longtime gf L'Wren Scott killed herself recently.

miss p has only dated 4 men in the 5 years we've been together, including SubbyBoy, who is current but they mostly just IM, have only met twice, and her new Master, who she's known a couple months.

So, she's only dated 1/5 as often as he has in the past year.

Speaking of miss p, she finds this constant dating of Ginger's kind of exasperating too. I dunno, it almost makes him seem shallow, and almost a NRE junky. Though he claims to dislike NRE, he still seems to be in it a lot!
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