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Fuckkkk, I had answered a lot of responses and then when I tried to post it, the page said I had to log in first again and when I did then it said I had to go back because I had logged in? and then all I had written was gone! wtf?! Thank God I saved some of it, as I'm too mad right now to rewrite it all again. T_T So very sorry for the people who I didn't answer, I'll try to write it all again when I'm in a good mood again lol.

So for a story, the premise you've presented could be done, as long as you establish *why* the guys will only accept it if sex is always a threesome, *why* the woman is okay with this, and *why* any of them are in this situation at all, especially given that you say at first the guys are repulsed by the idea.
This is precisely what I need to figure out. In the show, it's made pretty clear why the woman loves the guys and why the guys love the woman (I mean who wouldn't xD), but what is not really shown is WHY the guys want to include each other in this relationship when at first they weren't okay at all with the idea. Ron says something's "missing" when he's with the woman alone, without Cory with them, and that if one of the three leaves then the whole thing is broken, but why?

He says that just when Cory is about to give up his involvement in this relationship in favour of Ron/Woman, and I can understand why this would upset the woman, but why Ron? why wouldn't he want the woman to himself when that's what he wanted at first? why would he either break up with the woman if Cory is no longer with them? in the show I honestly think they were sort of gay for each other, but I don't want that in my story, I want my two male characters to love each other only emotionally, even romantically is fine just not sexually, and that being the reason why they want the other to be in this relationship. So what I'm asking is, would this be feasible for a poly relationship IRL? can two members of a 3ppl poly relationship want to be together along with the 3rd person but not sexually with each other? and I don't mean, them being fine with the woman having another boyfriend, I mean the boyfriend NEEDS to be with both the woman (sexually and emotionally) and with the other guy (emotionally only), and not just that but they have to have sex only when the three are present. LOL the whole thing seems just too much, but I really want to create such a story.

My suggestion is if you want to write this as realistically as possible, and not just a cute vignette of OMGcollegelife! like the MTV version, read up! You can check other threads here, the golden nuggets section, the blogs, and you'll see that there are all kinds of ways to have multiple relationships! Depending on if the story is more about the relationships or more fluff, short story, longer fiction, etc.
Side Note: Go to and you will find many places that publish short stories, I'm not suggesting you are looking to publish, BUT, one of the things they do is break down ezines by interest and there are those out there that publish stories geared to realistic and respectful alternative relationships of all kinds. It might also give you ideas on how to write fiction for the audience you have in mind.
Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I'll definitely check it out as I want to know as much as possible about poly relationships.

It sounds as though the show you saw was that late night MTV show where they do small vignettes based on three different periods.
No, I don't know what show you're referring to but it's not the one I watched, I'm completely sure because the show I was talking about is a Spanish one. That's mostly why I didn't even bother to mention the title, but if anyone's interested in watching it just say so as I think there are English subtitles. I'll probably make a fanvideo about this relationship of the show and I'll upload it to youtube in a few days so if anyone was interested I could share the link here so that you guys saw for yourselves what the relationship dynamics I am talking about is like.

When referring to your partner's partner, most often the term is metamour. EX: My husband is my boyfriend's metamour. They have no relationship to each other, intimate or otherwise. They are on friendly terms and comfortable with joking and all of that but not friends exactly. Just mutual respect.
Hmm but this is not exactly the boys' situation both in the show and the one I want for my story. They are not just friends, or the partner's partner, they are all three together in a relationship, it's just that two of the members don't have sex with each other. If it's not metamour then what is this then? Not exactly a V, not exactly a triad... Maybe an "emotional triad" like someone here suggested? :S

As far as what they would call each other, totally up to them!
Svens, your characters would call each other whatever feels right for *those* characters. As long as you make your *characters* as fully formed and truly human as you can, however you create their relationship and the labels they use will be realistic.
I see. Well I tried to think how two heterosexual guys would think of each other while in this kind of relationship and I don't know, they would still say they're just friends in my opinion just like in the show, even though that's not true, but I think that from their POV they would think that, I mean I don't know, I'm a guy but I'm not straight or sexual or poly so how would I know... But the woman would probably say they're both her boyfriends/partners as there's no hierarchy here, so yeah I'll think about it, thanks! I am actually really trying to make my characters realistic and human, I don't want to make a superficial/funny story, it will be a drama. Also, the story won't be just about the poly relationship; I'll focus a lot on other stuff too, like the characters' own personal problems, like family issues, financial issues, secrets and traumas of the past etc.

kdt26417, thanks a lot for the films suggestions! I'll definitely check them out. TBH I want my story to be more original than that, I just don't know how. At least the fact that the story won't be erotica/porn would qualify as "new" though! XD

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