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GREAT plan!

When it starts to feel like it's a hopeless plan (and it will) get your butt back on here and talk-because it's not hopeless, it's just that those feelings WILL arise again. They CAN be handled-don't let them handle you.

As for 2 friends, since Groundedspirit is ACTUALLY 2 people, that means you made 3.

Keep your head up and keep us posted.

Some ideas for "you" time.

I take a bath, with a book almost every evening. Sometimes it's only 10-15 minutes long, some days it's an hour. But it's MY time and I really make good on enjoying it.

I also take a walk almost every day. THAT is an hour and fifteen minutes-4.5 miles. I can't tell you how much that hour of walking does for me.
At first I HATED walking.
But after 6 months or so I noticed that even though I kept SAYING "I hate walking" if I didn't go I got anxious and emotional and tense.
After about a year I gave in and admitted that I like the walks.
After about 18 months I acknowledged that I NEED those walks and now I just do it!
When I'm all healed up from my surgeries, I'm going to start running! Even if I can only run for 1 minute at a time, I'm going to start, someday I'm doing the Ironman triathlon.

Pick a goal, doesn't matter what, then just stick to it.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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