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Originally Posted by sage View Post
Hey Redpepper
It is always good to read your posts and see how you are. I really appreciate the depth of your openness.

I'm giving polyamory my most serious shot to date due to the fact that my partner is dating my sister. Interesting times. My current thinking is that poly people should be loved in a way that is different to the mono version of love and maybe the fact that we tend to love as we would want to be loved contributes to the angst associated with mono/poly relationships. Don't know where this will all lead but we will see.

Happy Easter.

xx Sage
oh wow, haven't you come full circle.

Yes I think there is something to be said for that. Mono love is entirely different and just as valid. Poly love comes from a sense of seperate yet together. Mono from together yet seperate I think.... vaguely. Different on the inside. It's possible to seek either out at a time and be fine with either.

Life changes and needing love another way for a time is totally valid I think. It's all part of the human experience. I find it hard to talk about poly only now. Emotionally I love both ways and depending on where I am at in my life journey... different ways fit. I talk about relationship instead. As it pertains to certain people. Emotionally I am poly though. The act of relationship is different altogether. I could be both, either or neither.
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