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Originally Posted by Squashking View Post
"Take me or leave me" sentiments have no place in healthy relationships IMO :-). It's taken me 2 years to get comfortable with my lifestyle and fully break down those monogamous values of right and wrong.

How can I possibly expect everyone else to give me their full support immediately after I tell them? Some may need extra time to understand it. If I want to maintain a close connection with that person I am going to try help them understand as best I can and give them the time to do so.

Not being able to fully understand is VERY different than not being able to respect your choice.

My parents say negative things about my choices, but they respect my right to make those decisions and would 100% be there for me if I needed them for ANYTHING. Even if it put them in a situation they weren't comfortable with. THAT is support. They don't need to understand, they need to accept and love.
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