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So I drove her into the city and dropped her off at his place around 6:45, which is later than we were aiming for (I even got out of work 30 minutes early to try and keep schedule, but in the end we weren't that much later than promised). I got home about 30 minutes ago (7:30), and I've made myself a cheater pizza (pre-made) and I'm sitting down to read and relax and then do some packing for tomorrow's moving.

I'll be going to bed at some point, I'm sure, but don't really know when. I'll be waking up early (6-ish, around when I'd wake up for work), getting ready to go, and taking the first load into the city, picking up my wife from his place on the way. I feel really normal about all this. Not even excited anymore, because I dropped her off and that part's over. Now I'm just Content, at peace, and with a song stuck in my head.

I did not expect this. It seems normal. Which is weird. I won't be seeing my wife next to me when I wake up, and it feels normal. The fact that it feels normal is weirding me out.

Anyway, I'mma go back to relaxing and eating and reading and packing.

Thanks for your support so far. I made the changes I needed to make to dive into this WAY faster than I expected. I was imagining months...not weeks.

We'll see how it goes. I'll check in tomorrow morning before I leave, and then after I pick her up and talk to her about it some.

Wish I had money to go out for coffee with a friend or something. But then I'd be shirking my responsibilities. :P
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