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I'd love to see how many relationships Facebook and other online social gathering sites have fucked up
Mono! I'm surprised at you. It's not the online resources that fuck up the relationships, it's the fact that there were problems not being dealt with or communication was not good in the first place. I agree that online things can exacerbate issues, but I would never agree that they CAUSED the problems in the first place.

For example, on another thread I mentioned how I was friended with an ex of mine which ended because his wife was insecure and they had poor communication. He actually told me that "but the last thing I need is for 'wife' to become suspicious of what I'm doing on FB." Does anyone else see a problem with this statement?

As for the OP's original question, I would have no problem if Cajun was friends with his ex's or "flings" just as he has no problem with my being friends with them, including Elric (again woohoo!) We TRUST each other to talk about anything that comes up, just as I did with Elric. If you trust your partner and have no reason to doubt them, what is the problem really?
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