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When my ex and I first opened our marriage (after 20 years of monogamy), we were unicorn hunters first, same stupid mistake so many make. We found a woman who seemed interested in being in relationship with both of us, and my husband thought that was the best of both worlds... I got to explore my bisexuality, he got to be with 2 women at once, a fantasy come true. He didn't want me to explore my hetero side though, with any man, oh no!

But the way it came down was, the woman we found was really only interested in him. They fell in love, they declared themselves soul mates. And even though I had made some noises about how his OPP was sexist and hypocritical, he didn't agree with that until SHE told him she also thought it was stupid! Because of course the word of new and shiny chick was more valid than that of his wife of 20 years...
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