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I actually vastly prefer long distance, at least as long as the timezone difference isn't too crazy. R. and I are hitting the six year mark for our 'ship in July - she's in England, I'm in Germany, and we never once met in meatspace; it's not terribly likely that we'll do so anytime in future, either... and we're still doing fine, thanks. Never expected that I'd have a sane, happy, long-term relationship like this before she stumbled into my life.

Of course, one of the big perks of poly is that she can be with local folk for whatever meatspace activities she feels the need/want for (including sex, duh), and which I can't and/or won't make myself available for. Neither of us has to bear that horrid burden of making the other perfectly happy by oneself - we just spend quality time together, which in our case happens to take place online.

That said, if someone does explicitly state that they don't do LDR in a dating profile, one should respect that and just check them off of the list of potential partners, no matter how interesting they may sound/look otherwise. Every dealbreaker criterion is a valid one and needs respecting, and they're all subjective. It's okay to be incompatible, and the sooner we learn to humbly accept that, the easier life becomes, IME.

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